Polish copyright law

Polish law is quite strict as far as authors' rights are concerned. Financial compensation and public apology are only some of possible claims. Quite often infringements are penalized as crimes. Poland is party to major copyright agreements, including Berne Convention and TRIPS. That is why you may feel quite comfortable here as far as legal background is concerned. It is simple because local regulations are probably similar to those you know from your country (as well as for example trademark or utility model regulations).

The subject of copyright shall be any manifestation of the creative activity of individual nature, established in any form, irrespective of its value, role or form of expression. An owner of the copyright is of course an author himself or herself, it can be easily transferred however. An author shall have an exclusive right to use a work and to dispose of its use in all the fields of exploitation as well as receive remuneration for the use of a work.

The abovementioned claims which an author or author's successor is entitled to formulate. It is possible to request not only to cease such infringement, to render the acquired benefits or to pay double or even triple amount of a respective fee payable for use of a work.

I am an attorney practicing copyright law based in Warsaw, Poland. If you are looking for a lawyer here, I will be glad to provide you due legal assistance. And more information on Polish legal environment you can find here (website is not in English though).